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The EVO:XN, represents the pinnacle of the EVO family,  the ultimate screenless wheel.  Based off the same chassis of the EVO:NS, features more inputs, custom designed encoders, 16-bit analogue electronics for the dual clutches.

The custom encoders make them one of the most tactile on the sim racing market  clocking in at around 5Ncm.

50A Shore precision moulded grips ensure maximum grip and comfort for long stints with or without gloves.

An extra set of zero play magnetic shifters give extra, easy reach inputs for mid battle adjustments, whilst the additional in-body top thumb encoders, make this one of the high density input wheels on the market, giving 15-inputs per side with out having to remove your hands from the wheel.

A 5mm forged carbon fibre front face (Matte 3k Twill available as a custom order), CNC milled Aluminium button guards and rear enclosure.

Using our custom RaceWare firmware, all configuration is done on wheel, with no external apps needed (Although SimHub is recommended for full use of the wheels features).

An integrated high voltage input will give compatibility with our up coming power injector, to provide the wheel with 12v and 3A of power.

THIS IS A PRE-ORDER, Please only purchase if you understand that there may be slight delays to delivery.  Expected delivery MID-END August 2024


In the Box (Asetek)

EVO:XN Wheel
High Quality Sticker sheet
Asetek QR (Fitted)

 In the Box (Standard):

EVO:XN Wheel
Usb Spiral Cable
High Quality Sticker sheet
50mm to 70mm Aluminium Hub
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    12x 550gr Simhub Illuminated Tactile Push Buttons

    4x Custom Designed Thumb Encoders (~5Ncm Torque) , Aluminium Knobs.

    4x Custom Designed Front Encoders (~5Ncm Torque), Aluminium Knobs, with 600gf push button.

    2x 7 way Funky Switches with Aluminium Knobs

    4x Rear Magnetic Paddle Shifters with 4mm forged carbon fiber paddles

    2x Rear Analog Paddles with 16bit electronics, 4mm forged carbon fiber paddles

    12x RPM LEDs / 2x3 Marshall LEDs

    50A Shore precision molded silicone grips

    6061 Aluminium CNC’d Rear Enclosure

    5mmForged carbon fiber front face

    6061 Aluminium Button Guards


    No need for companion apps here, all configuration happens on the wheel and is stored in the wheels on board memory, using our propriety firmware 'RACEWARE'

    Close links with SimHub allow the wheel state to be used to drive LED status' and our custom overlays show you the state of the wheel at any given time.